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Privacy Policy

Nuclear Power Training Center Ltd. (hereinafter "NTC") recognizes that all personal information managed and used in its business activities must be handled and protected with the utmost care. Therefore, NTC will follow the basic policy stated below.

June 15, 2018
Masaru Kusumoto, President
Nuclear Power Training Center Ltd.

For information regarding the business purposes, the practical handling method of personal information by NTC, refer to the following:

1. Use of Personal Information

NTC will acquire and use personal information only as needed for its business performance. The business purposes of personal information are:

NTC may provide personal information to a third party with the approval of each respective individual, consign the handling of personal information, or share personal information with a NTC group company to the extent that such personal information is required for the business purposes as stated above.
If any personal information is acquired or used for any other business purposes than those described above, a notice or announcement will be issued separately.

2. Possession of Personal Information

NTC possesses and will possess personal information including names, addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, e-mail addresses, gender, ages, memberships, departments and titles of its customers, suppliers and other related companies.
NTC does not acquire and possess any personal information that is not required for business purposes.

3. Personal Information Management

NTC will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of the personal information possessed by it and endeavor to maintain the contents of such personal information as accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for business purposes.
Personal information which is no longer necessary for business purposes will be disposed of promptly in an appropriate method.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

NTC will not provide the personal information of any person to any third party without such person's approval, except the following cases:

5. Contact for Personal Information

For information regarding the specific business purposes, the disclosure, correction and suspension of use of the contents of personal information, or for any inquiry for general information on the process of handling personal information, contact:

General Affairs Department, Head Office,
Nuclear Power Training Center Ltd.
129-1-1 Kutsumi, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui-ken 914-0823
Tel: (+81) 770-23-9090
How to Handle Personal Information on the Website

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