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Nuclear Power Training Center Ltd.(NTC)

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Training Facilities

Training at NTC is conducted primarily through the use of simulators that can replicate actual nuclear power plant conditions.
The Center is equipped with a full array of computer-equipped teaching facilities to increase the effectiveness of training.


No.4 Simulator
No.4 Simulator

Operational training is conducted in the same circumstance as actual operating condition and the simulators are equipped with the same control board used at actual nuclear power plants.

No.1 Simulator
2 Loop Plant (600MWe)
No.2 Simulator
3 Loop Plant (900MWe)
No.3 Simulator
4 Loop Plant (1200MWe)
No.4 Simulator
2 Loop/3 Loop Plant (600 MWe/900 MWe)
Desk Simulator
Desk simulators are auxiliary facilities provided for simulators Nos. 1 through 3.
Additional Learning Facilities
NTC has learning facilities designed to enhance operators’ theoretical understanding of nuclear power plant operation.


Experienced instructors prepare practical and effective lesson programs and conduct training sessions.

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